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Monti Zoppu

July 21, 2021

Even the heart of the Costa Smeralda can offer areas of unspoiled nature.  Between Pevero and Romazzino there is a promontory with no houses, and which offers magnificent views of the islands. The excursion takes place on a circular path,  of 7 km in total, and lasts about four hours. We will be led by a naturalistic guide, Antonello Azara, who has recovered the ancient paths that connected the sheperd's houses. Light trekking equipment is recommended, with particular attention to adequate shoes and water. Each participant is expected to bring the necessary for a snack, which will be carried out near the summit of Monti Zoppu.

The number of participants is limited, the estimated cost is around € 30. Anyone interested is asked to contact Pietro Marchetti (+39 339 3417272), Roberto Pirrone (+39 348 7813578) or Renata Simonetti (+39 348 5801755)


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P.S. Events scheduled in the near future:

  • 12/8: meeting with Aldo Lapone: "Everyone can innovate, but you have to want it"

  • 14/8 and 21/8 at 18:30 Bianchino da sbarco, a glass of wine and appetizers, open to all members in the Members' corner

  • 18/8 at 19:00 Members' Meeting

  • 25/8 Farewell dinner

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